Types of Blinds


Choosing a system of panel blinds is a convenient way to cover doors and windows. Panel blinds can be used to highlight an entrance, provide privacy and when preferred, slide open to one side and stack together to easily appreciate views through the home windows.  Can also be used as a practical room divider with tracks available for fixed wall or ceiling attachment.

All panels are interchangeable, available in a wide range of fabrics and screen, translucent or block out materials.



Pleated blinds provide different gradients of light control.

Standard: Very thin with a small stack, disappearing when raised.

Duo: Can be raised up or lowered to the window sill, very convenient when managing the amount of light or privacy needed.

Twin Pleated: A two-in-one blind offering privacy without losing your view. Select a block-out fabric for insulation to dim the room or sheer to enjoy the daylight and views.

Pleated Blinds can be shaped for circular, triangular or arched glazed areas and operated via a cord or motor. Fabric suitable for pleated blinds range from transparent to sunlight block-out materials.


Roller Blinds are a minimalist window treatment that almost disappear when rolled up. Other advantages include choosing a fabric from our large fabric collection that will provide different degrees of privacy and sunlight protection. Roller blinds are available with a guide wire system, can be installed singularly or with the addition of a second roller on a dual bracket. Each roller has either manual operation by chain or cord or by a motorisation system and both are simple to use.



Roman Blinds are available in styles from simple to sophisticated that will fit perfectly in with modern, classical or more traditional interiors. Roman blinds are made with one large vertical hanging piece of fabric. The blind folds upwards and overlaps when drawn up and can be made to fit into a cavity or onto a window frame or wall. Easily operated, using a chain, cord or a motorised system, roman blinds provide effective light control and are recommended as the easiest to create, install and use blinds for the home.

We offer various fabrics to match a desired style. There are no creative limitations.


Venetian Blinds are a product composed of horizontal slats that can be gradually tilted to control light and privacy. Operation is via a manual cord or remote controller. A variety of timber and fabric finishes are available. Venetian blinds can be incorporated into both modern and more traditional interiors, installed by itself or complemented with fabric drapes.

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Shutters suit all applications.

Products offer an excellent insulation properties.

Blades sizes and shape will be customized to suit your wishes.

Available in standard painted colour or custom colours or stained.


Awnings allow you to enjoy your outdoor space with ideal conditions against harmful UV rays and glare. The range of Awnings is extensive, enabling you to find the ideal product to suit your shading requirements.

Each product has its own specifications including:

  • Heavy duty pivot arm or folding arm for open and closing operation.
  • Semi-enclosed or full cassette for a minimalist look solution.
  • Manual or motorised system.
  • Extensive range of fabrics are available in screens and acrylic canvas fabrics.
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Outdoor blinds, custom made to perfectly compliment your home exterior windows and entertainment areas.

Outdoor blinds are often an attractuve solution to enjoy your front or backyard area and obtain provacy and sun protection.

Outdoor blinds could be motorized