When the furniture in your home is old and loved, there is an opportunity to use an upholstery service. There’s no better place to browse through 1000s of fabrics than in our cosy, fabric showroom. When selecting a fabric for curtain upholstery, the fabric needs to remain plumped with enough padding to last another decade. Fabric for upholstery gives the furniture a modern style to accent your current interior decor.



Current Line Europe offers a full upholstery service to give your old pieces of furniture new life again with a handcrafted approach to re-upholstering furniture. The fabric and curtain showroom located in St Peters Sydney has a large workshop specially built and designed for work with fabrics for curtains, soft furnishings and upholstery services. With over 1000 different fabrics to choose from in store, you can transform the furniture fabric into the colours and patterns of your choice.

If you are thinking of getting your furniture or curtain upholstered, then send an email or message through the website with an image of the piece of furniture you wish to have upholstered. A quote can be returned within a few hours. We also offer a European style upholstery service to assist with a perfect finish and trimmings when using a fabric of your choice for upholstery.


  • Choose fabrics for upholstery
  • Book upholstery service
  • Bring in old furniture for upholstery
  • Pick up or delivered, re-upholstered furniture

Take an antique chair frame and modernise it with a range of fabrics that takes inspiration from the arts movement of the 19th century. This offers a simple look and is perfect for modern, neutral settings. The versatile service for upholstery is crafted in our storeroom and features a smooth, perfectionist finish which retains the natural beauty of the original furniture.


Browse Our fabric showroom and view 1000s of fabric types

Choices Choose fabrics that are created for upholstery

Renew Recycle old furniture with new fabrics

Replace Replace your old furniture with the same frames but new fabrics


Why does an upholstery service cost so much?

Every renovation project requires a lot of expenses. This includes fabric bulks as materials and labour. The price of each new upholstered set of custom made furniture is based on how many types of fabric you select and the cost of each fabric per meter. Plus the cost of the accessories such as trimming, nail, pins, and glues if needed. If you need to make a calculation of your future interior renovation project, you are welcome to visit our fabric showroom located in Sydney. Give us a call or email us and our fabric craftsman will help you with this issue.

Do you offer delivery services?

We are pleased to provide delivery for our customers from our store located in St Peters Sydney. At the conclusion of your purchase, your sales associate will work with you to arrange a delivery date and time that fits your schedule. Current Line Europe will contact you once the newly upholstered furniture has been upholstered and will make every effort to ensure your new upholstered furniture looks just as good in your home as in the design process at the store.

How is the process initiated?

First we recommend you browse through our extensive collection of Australian and international fabrics on display. Look through our design and pattern books and then decide on a style and fabric. If you need to redecorate and upholster your old furniture, you need to bring a photo to assist the fabric craftsman to provide the right feedback. Then we can approve the project and budget and we’ll start working on restoring your furniture.